You must be nuts!

I bet you don’t know what these are …

Cashew fruits at the market in Sao Paulo, Brazil

… or maybe you do if you’re from Brazil or Thailand, but I had never heard of cashew fruit or juice before coming to Brazil. Yes, of course I knew what cashew nuts were, although apparently they are technically not nuts, but actually fruits or more accurately fruits, or even an attachment to a fruit, kind of like a seed.
The nuts grow in the gnarly bit at the end. Cashew fruit is a sweet tasting fleshy fruit that is commonly found in juice form in Brazil – suco de caju – or candied, prepared with sugar.
You learn something new every day!

EDIT: Since writing this post I’ve learnt that these grow in many different areas, such as parts of East Africa, northern Mozambique, India and Sri Lanka. If you have them where you come from or have seen them somewhere while travelling, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us in the comment section, and if you have pictures, tag me on instagram – @travelswiththegypsyqueen


6 thoughts on “You must be nuts!

    • Thanks for the tip mrphilippines 🙂 I tried them at the market so the person selling cut it for me. I didn’t know it has an itchy effect.
      I find it very interesting the similarities in fruits we see in some parts of South America and some parts of Asia. Please tag me if you have any more interesting stories 🙂


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